Hardware & Networking Courses

Hardware is the physical part of a system, distinguished from the software that executes and runs on system devices. By opting for our Hardware Networking training, you will get the opportunity for in-depth learning, including the basic concepts such as Windows PC and Networking, microprocessor, RAM, BIOS, and more.

Students will gain the knowledge they need to confidently troubleshoot hardware-related errors as well as compile and assemble a computer from parts. The hardware training course is a beginner-level course for all students aspiring to establish a career in the IT field. Our course is designed to help boost the confidence of a candidate by helping them get well-versed in the essentials. You can learn how to set up and troubleshoot any of the following Operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux as well as mobile devices by enrolling in our hardware networking classes. Moreover, TOPS Technologies is the trusted NSDC Partner company in India, which is the government body for skill development in the country. Each student will be trained and placed under the skill policy of NSDC.